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Narmada Samruddhi

Narmada Samruddhi is a 100% water soluble fertilizer which is enriched with all major nutrients as well as micro-nutrients. Narmada Samruddhi is easy-to use and can be applied to the crops as a foliar application method or fertigation. Grades MAP 12:61:00 SOP 00:00:50+18 (S) PN 13:00:45 MKP 00:52:34 Calcium Nitrate NPK 13:40:13 NPK 19:19:19 Advantages Better absorption of nourishing elements either placed near root zone or applied as foliar spray Reduces the requirement of chemical fertilizers by 30-40% Increment in crop yield by 15-20% Sustainablity of crops due to consistent availability of all essential growth nutrients Speedy growth of crops Helpful to enhance the immunity system of crop Lower consumption of water for crop irrigation It Prevents drainage of water Reduces weed problem & farming expenses Packaging : 25 Kg