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Narmada PROM

Total Organic Carbon (Min.) = 7.9%, Total Nitrogen (Min.) = 0.4%, Total P2O5 (Min.) = 10.4%, CN Ration < 20:1, Moisture (Max.) = 25% PROM - is a Green chemistry phosphatic fertilizer enriched with micro nutrient such as Copper, Zinc & Cobalt. It enhances the productivity of land. Effective even on hard & heavy black soil. Benefits Play as basic nutritional food for soil at the time of sowing Improves the soil structure Phosphorus, Nitrogen & Organic Carbon helps to keep the luster / Moisture of soil Keeps the fertility of land alive Moveable organic carbon helps to improve the efficiency of crop growth Prevents land from being acidic & toxic Improves the water holding capacity of soil Packaging : 50 Kg