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Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonical Nitrogen = 20.6%
Sulphur = 23%

Ammonium Sulphate provides the plant with nitrogen and Sulphur at the same time, and due to that enables the plant to have a very high growth and yield.

Ammonium sulphate is crystalline, in general white nitrogen fertilizer, containing 20.6% ammonical Nitrogen, 23% sulphur. Because as contains 100% ammonium nitrogen it guarantees a long - term and sustainable nitrogen supply. Furthermore it prevents the nitrogen from being washed out of the soil.

The primary use of ammonium sulphate is as fertilizer for alkaline soils. In the soil the ammonium ion is released and forms a small amount of acid, lowering the PH balance of the soil.

Packaging : 50 Kg