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Narmada Bio-NPK

Bio-NPKis a carrier based granular biofertilizer which contains highly efficient consortia of beneficial bacteria of soil origin with the count of 5x107cfu/gm as per FCO norms. The consortia mainly includes Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB), Potash mobilizing bacteria (KMB) and Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). The required moisture content is added in the product which helps to maintain the bacterial populations and its shelf life. Advantages Nitrogen-fixing bacteria transform atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, which can be easily taken up by plants. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria secretes various organic acids which solubilizes non-available form of inorganic phosphates to easily available form. Potash mobilizing bacteria make available potassium from soil by the process of mineralization. It also promotes accumulation of carbohydrates as aOsmo-protectant in leaveswhich protect plants under saline stress. The bacterial consortia also secrete several plant growth promotingbioactive substancesi.e. hormones, vitamins and enzymes which enhances seed germination rate & early emergence and better root development. Increasesthe availability of micronutrients i.e.Mn, Mg, Fe, Mo, B, Zn and Cu to the plants. These elements also help to accelerate the photosynthetic activity of plants. Develops resistance in plants against drought and natural diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, pests, nutrients deficiency etc. Packaging : 50 Kg