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Narmada Bio-KMB

Bio-KMB is a carrier-based granular biofertilizer which contains highly efficient bacterial species of potash mobilizing bacteria (KMB)with the count of 5x107cfu / gm as per FCO norms.Potassium is also an important macronutrient as Nitrogen and Phosphorus for the complete growth of plants.Potassium can be easily available to plants through the process of mineralization by KMB. The required moisture content is added in the product which helps to maintain the bacterial populations and its shelf life. Advantages Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (KMB) solubilizes the K-bearing minerals and converts the insoluble K to soluble forms of K available to plant uptake. Significant enhancement of seed germination rate, seedling vigor, plant growth, yield, and K uptake by plants. Adequate quantities of potassium also helps the plant in different aspects of quality such as grain size and appearance, oil content, tuber size, starch content, and fruit ripening. Protects the plants from salinity injury by enhancing its growth-related physiology like stomatal conductance, electrolyte leakage, and lipid peroxidation. Develops resistance in plants against diseases and environmental stress conditions. Mineralized form of potassium plays a key role in the formation of sugars which helps in attaining quality yields. Bio-KMB works in all types of soil because the bacteria are resistant to a wide range of pH and temperature of soil. Improves the pigmentation and shelf life of farm produce. Packaging : 50 Kg